rage HC - Surrender

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With his debut album, Rage HC exploring the variety of UK Industrial Hardcore.
Ranging from more DnB-ish sounds over Breakcore all the way up to devastating high speed Industrial,
no border remains uncrossed.
Let yourself drown in the world of Surrender, an album that proves that Rage HC is a name to remember.



1. Rage HC - Mankind
2. Rage HC - Arrakis
3. Rage HC - Inner Kingdom (versus Mykoz)
4. Rage HC - Surrender
5. Rage HC - Shadows
6. Rage HC - Urban Street Shit
7. Rage HC - Dead Space (versus Savage)
8. Rage HC - Three Body Problem
9. Rage HC - Seigi
10. Rage HC - This is the Last Selection

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Label Survival
Code SUHM005
Release 16. Jun 2023

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